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Do you know the consequences of a felony DWI?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

A felony DWI is a serious charge that you could face in Minnesota if you are accused of drunk driving. A felony DWI is usually charged when a person has a history of impaired driving-related issues, such as a fourth DWI in 10 years, a previous DWI felony conviction, or a conviction for a vehicular homicide or injury related to a DWI.

It’s important for you to understand the penalties that you could face so that you can take steps to defend yourself against them. For example, a DWI leading to a death is a felony that can result in 10 years in prison and up to $20,000 in fines. You will also lose your license for 10 years.

What are Minnesota’s DWI laws?

In Minnesota, you are considered drunk automatically if your blood alcohol concentration is .08% or greater. If you drive a commercial vehicle, your BAC may result in charges if it is .04% or greater.

You can be stopped for a DWI whether you are in a parked or moving vehicle. On top of that, if you have a BAC below .08%, you can still be charged with a DWI if you make driving mistakes that the police can link to intoxication.

Most DWI charges are misdemeanors, but on a fourth offense, you will automatically face a felony charge.

How much will a DWI cost?

The cost of a DWI will vary based on how many times you’ve been accused and convicted in the past and the specifics of your case. For example, a felony offense costs at least $14,000 in fines if you refuse a Breathalyzer test on top of all other penalties. To get your license reinstated when allowed, you’ll need to pay at least $680 in fees and may have additional penalties to pay as well, such as $10,000 if someone was hurt because of driving while intoxicated or $20,000 if someone was killed.

If you face a DWI, it’s a good idea to look into your legal options for support. This charge could lead to the loss of your license as well as thousands of dollars in fines. Civil penalties may also be involved in your case.