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Success Stories

At Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A., we strive to provide the best possible legal services to our clients. We love to see our valued clients succeed! Please find some of clients’ success stories (cleared of any identifying information to protect attorney-client privilege).

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Client No. 1

Client No. 1 owned multiple grocery stores and the owner of Client No. 1 was nearing retirement. We assisted Client No. 1 with a real estate development project to sever the real estate from a commercial association. Following the severance, we assisted Client No. 1 through a few complexities and eventually helped Client No. 1 close on the sale of all of the grocery stores.

Client No. 2

Client No. 2 was a minor-child whose father had recently passed away. Client No. 2’s father did not have an estate plan and was remarried. An attorney working with Client No. 2’s stepmother began acting as special administrator. Working with another law firm, we assisted Client No. 2 in successfully removing his stepmother’s attorney from serving as Personal Representative of Client No. 2’s father’s estate. This ensured the proper administration of Client No. 2’s father’s estate and the protection of Client No. 2’s rights.

Client No. 3

Client No. 3 served as a Personal Representative of her father’s estate. She was sued by a family member for her removal as Personal Representative. She received a referral to our office when she lost confidence in her previous attorney. After a year or of litigation, we tried the case before a judge. Client No. 3 obtained a verdict against a removal action as Personal Representative of her father’s estate.

Client No. 4

Client No. 4‘s wife recently passed away under unfortunate circumstances. Client No. 4’s wife’s family brought an action to disinherit Client No. 4 from her estate alleging he contributed to her death. After a preliminary motion hearing and aggressive advocacy, Client No. 4 successfully obtained a proper settlement from the estate.

Client No. 5

Client No. 5 is a construction company referred to us by another attorney. We have served as general counsel to Client No. 5 by advising and guiding Client No. 5 on numerous matters over the last 8 years. Our firm has provided steady counsel and helped Client No. 5 grow its business revenue 10x over the last 8 years.

Client No. 6

Client No. 6 is a real estate developer. Our firm assisted Client No. 6 through the development process with the local government to subdivide lots. We have assisted Client No. 6 in successfully selling the real estate consisting of 15+ real estate parcels.

Client No. 7

Another lawyer referred Client No. 7 to our firm. Client No. 7 owned a hotel and desired to sell the building and business. We assisted Client No. 7 through the sale process to successfully sell its hotel. Following the closing, the owner retired on a beach in Mexico.

Client No. 8

Client No. 8 is a landlord and owns several multi-unit apartment buildings. Client No. 8 had an extremely difficult tenant in one of his buildings. the tenant insisted that his actions were allowed by the lease and refused to vacate despite the potential for causing excessive damage to the property. An extremely long, complicated eviction action followed, including a jury trial demanded by the tenant. On behalf of Client No. 8, our firm presented a strong case that included testimony by a structural engineer who testified to the potential damage caused by the tenant’s actions. The jury returned a verdict for Client No. 8 after an hour of deliberation.

Client No. 9

Client No. 9 owns a successful veterinary clinic which was outgrowing its current real estate. Client No. 9 wanted to purchase a building in a nearby shopping center to expand its business. We represented Client No. 9 through the purchase and development process to subdivide the lot. Client No. 9 now has a beautiful new building to further grow its booming business.

Client No. 10

Client No. 10 was charged with aggravated DWI charges based upon a prior DWI and test refusal. The government seized his truck for forfeiture as well. Our firm brought an implied consent lawsuit against the Department of Public Safety. We specifically sought to challenge the stop and seizure as a violation of Client No. 10’s constitutional rights. The judge agreed and rescinded the revocation of Client No. 10’s driver’s license. The judge’s ruling was important for the criminal case and we received a full dismissal of all charges. Client No. 10 also received his truck back.