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Business / Commercial Law Litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2011 | practice-areas

The attorneys at Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A., have extensive experience assisting entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground as well as providing legal representation to established businesses to meet their specific needs.

For entrepreneurs, Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A. will counsel and assist you in selecting the most advantageous business entity to meet your needs and drafting incorporation documents, member control agreements, partnership agreements, sales contracts, service agreements and other documents key to the creation and continuation of a successful business operation.

For established businesses, Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A., provides personalized legal services tailored to meet our business clients’ goals.  Whether your business needs assistance with drafting agreements, reviewing contracts, or litigating disputes our team can assist you in effectuating your business goals.

If you have a business law related questions or need, please contact Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A. to speak with an experienced business law attorney.

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