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Estate Planning

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2011 | practice-areas

Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A. assists clients in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and Southern Minnesota by providing effective and affordable estate planning solutions.

Although most of us want to live forever none of us will.  Planning for your own death may be emotionally difficult for some.  For others, understanding the scope of the issues involved may appear overwhelming, confusing, and expensive.  However, if you are concerned about asset preservation, ensuring support for your dependents, and exercising control over your financial and healthcare decisions, you should take the time to discuss your estate planning goals with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Whether you are a young married couple with limited assets or you are approaching retirement and have successfully amassed substantial wealth, Hero & Jacobsen Law Firm, P.A. can counsel you to select the best estate planning tools to meet your specific needs.

Our professionals are available to help with a wide range of estate planning matters such as:

Drafting Simple Wills

Drafting Wills with Trusts

Creating Revocable Trusts

Addressing Estate and Gift Tax Issues

Preparing Health Care Directives

Establishing Financial Powers of Attorney

Petitioning for Guardianships/Conservatorships

Estate Planning Resources (Links)

Links on left or right

  1. Estate Planning Intake Form:  (link to word document—would like to make it a fillable PDF but do not currently have the software—Do you?)
  2. Will Pamphlet (Link to word document)
  3. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_1.asp#Wills

“Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Wills”

  1. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_1.asp#Living%20Trusts “Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Living Trusts”
  2. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_3.asp#Health%20Care%20Directive “Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Health Care Directives”
  3. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_2.asp#Power%20of%20Attorney “Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Powers of Attorney”
  4. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_2.asp#Conservatorship “Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Guardianships”
  5. http://www.ag.state.mn.us/Consumer/Seniors/Probate/Probate_2.asp#Conservatorship“Minnesota Attorney General’s Overview on Conservatorships”